hello - welcome - m.a.m.a.

As we have indicated on our masthead, we have come here not to front, but to represent. Speaking of representation, have a look at our featured human, David:

This is my friend David. Although he looks like a middle-aged Russian economist in this photograph, he is not. He is something very different, but just as funny. He lives in New York City. He is also responsible for HowFreshIsThisGuy.com.

In the future we may have some updates on David, or we may not. We may have little features on other special people. If you want to say something about David, please write.

Feel free to check out the dazzling array of resources available throughout the site. Updates will be frequent and fabulous. Har har.

The embryonic version of Yodar's guide to Mail Order Russian Bride Websites is here.