justify the hype
 charming snakes
 bender to bender
 sebadoh gigante
 a lesson learned
 not being good has never stopped me before
 hi kids
 lonely saturday
 judgement day
 taking attendance
 the man with the watermelon head
 justify the hype
 black dress
 gigantic sebadoh
 avenue of the action items (theme for video gaming)

love scenes
 insane attraction
 coney island maybe
 white stripes record
 love scene
 get up
 dyke parade
 i know you know
 i don't care
 midtown tonight
 pins and needles
 song for walking wall st.
 natural attraction

self-hate workshop
 natural, i guess
 sorry for myself
 ruin your life
 mason-dixon line
 a dollar or a day
 how much?
 little bit of coffee
 i like bad girls
 space song #14
 you talk too much
 i got high
 the best part
 ready to be
 you get stoked

changed my life
 love is great
 great big kiss off
 dominos fall
 don't go there, girl
 changed my life
 dear diary
 there is a song
 bus crush
 people with problems
 the picture
 i'm sorry
 power of will

happy or not, here we come
 hannah's packin'
 so it's a dream
 three days
 it's all your fault
 drop me off
 action items 1-12
 one thing more
 nothing better to do
 great big kiss off
 get it down
 hungover you
 wrong side of the fan
 it's hard
 thought i was pre-approved
 hannah's gone

missing in action

missing in action 2: evel a.w.o.l.

mason-dixon line

there's a lot of shit that a couple can weather,
but whether they want to is a question of love.
i know two people can't always stay together,
i've lived long enough to know that much.

well, i'll be the union
you'll be the confederacy,
but i won't stop you
when you want to secede.
you're not mine,
and girl, you're not my enemy.
mason-dixon line,
if that's how you want it to be.

sometimes it's anger, and sometimes it's passion
that seems to be gone and doesn't seem to come back.
no matter your intentions, love is always in danger
from something that's there or something you lack.

i can be grant, and you can be lee
but i'll lay down my guns and let you go free.
your stonewall jackson can march to the sea,
fuck appomatox, fuck history.